Primary Schooling for Underprivileged Children

SAHYOG-Care for You

Help provide holistic education to deprived children in the outskirts of New Delhi.

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The programme offers high-quality education for underprivileged children. Sahyog works relentlessly to bring a holistic approach towards their education. The goal is to prepare students for a brilliant future so they can be accepted to high-quality secondary schools. Sahyog supports non-school going children and dropped out children through this project. As Sahyog has been working closely with the community members for the last 16 years, it is succeeding to instil their faith and believe in community-based non-formal schooling.

Globally, extreme poverty is the prime reason for making quality education inaccessible. Most children in the primary-school age group across the world are still out of school & reside in some of the poorest, hard-to-reach areas. Despite the substantial progress, the objective of achieving a primary education is still a major concern.

To solve this pressing problem of illiteracy, Sahyog ensures an active participation of the community and support from the existing system. Sahyog will work as per the following strategies:
1. Conduct a study and assess actual needs of the targeted children and community to implement a flexible model for imparting quality education.
2. Ensure community participation and create a community schooling method.
3. Coordinate with other organisations/stakeholders working on a bigger scale, bringing synergy to work while making the project successful.
4. Work within the existing resources and systems, strengthen and make it more functional.
5. Give priority to Child Rights.

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