Nutritional Support to Physically Challenged

Chaitanya Educational and Rural Development Society

Providing monthly nutritional kits to improve the health of physically challenged individuals in a village of Andhra Pradesh.

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Physically disabled people tend to have more fragile health condition than the average population. This hinders their active participation in society. Proper nutrition can help improve their overall condition but those belonging to socially disadvantaged families can't afford to have healthy meals This programme ensures to fulfil nutritional requirements of the physically disabled poor people in order to help them lead a healthy and normal life and fit into the mainstream.

It is unfortunate that people born with a disability become life long dependents on their families. This problem is worsened when the family is affected by abject poverty. With meagre income & limited food resources, it is impossible to fulfil their optimum food requirements. Poverty in itself is a big challenge and supporting a differently abled person adds more it.

The programme helps in several ways to the families of disabled people. Since, having proper nutrition cum household provisions, disabled will have minimum food insecurity and can lead a decent and dignified life. It helps to minimise the strain of maintenance expenses of the poor families having disabled people. Also, it addresses the fundamental human right of survival and changes the attitudes of family members and others as well.

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