Nutritional Care to Fight HIV

Chaitanya Educational and Rural Development Society

Support HIV patients in Andhra Pradesh by taking care of their nutritional needs.

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Many HIV patients end up losing their jobs and social-acceptance after being diagnosed. The combination of decreasing income coupled with increasing health care costs may prevent patients from meeting basic needs. In order to overcome the challenges and ensure good health of the affected people, Chaitanya Educational and Rural Development Society(CERDS) has taken the initiative to reduce the ill-effects of HIV. The programme's objective is to strengthen the immune system and increase the life span of HIV/AIDS infected people by providing them nutritional support.

HIV doesn't only affect the patients but also takes a toll on their families as the financial burden of HIV can be enormous. Often HIV positive patients face challenges in maintaining the required levels of nutrition. Despite developments in medical treatment, nutrition remains a key component in managing this condition. The patients undergo severe changes, both from medications & the disease itself, which requires proper nutrition monitoring and support. Patients often experience extreme weight loss, infections, diarrhoea and lipodystrophy (fat distribution syndrome) which further affects their immunity.

By monitoring the diet of HIV patients at the Anti-Retroviral Therapy centres across Andhra Pradesh, Chaitanya Educational and Rural Development Society(CERDS) works on bettering their health and overall quality of life. To combat the side-effects of the disease and medication, the organisation provides a monthly nutrition kit that provides adequate portions of essential nutrients. Supervised by the doctors, the nutrition kits mainly contains Raagi Powder, Wheat Ravva, Red gram, Milk Powder and Eggs.

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