Provide Occupational Support to a Poor Fisherman

Chaitanya Educational and Rural Development Society

Provide new fishing nets to uplift fishermen's economic condition in Andhra Pradesh.

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Most of the tribal families living in coastal areas depend on collecting firewood, domestic services and majorly on fishing for their survival. The living conditions of fishermen families are miserable and they are leading a life full of hardships with their meagre income. Sometimes, their economic conditions force them to live without even the basic necessities like food, proper sanitation, child education etc. Keeping this in mind, Chaitanya Educational and Rural Development Society has designed the programme with the objective to provide sustainable livelihood to the poor tribal fishing families. The objective is achieved by providing proper fishing nets, which helps them gain more yield in all seasons & all types of water bodies.

The livelihood of most tribal families living in coastal areas depends majorly on fishing. Fishing in the lakes, ponds and canals is done using vatty hooks and line practices. These traditional practices are inefficient and consume more time & effort to catch a small quantity of fish. This results in insufficient income and hence, poor economic condition. In order to improve the yield, these fishermen require better fishing equipment and nets which are available in the market but are not affordable.

Chaitanya Educational and Rural Development Society provides fishing nets which help fishermen catch more fish in all types of water bodies throughout the year. These nets, unlike their traditional method of fishing, help them achieve a better yield and hence improve their economic condition.

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