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Chaitanya Educational and Rural Development Society

Contribute to build bore wells & provide clean drinking water in coastal areas of Andhra Pradesh.

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Till date, lack of running water is an unaddressed problem in many Indian villages. Chaitanya Educational and Rural Development Society (CERDS) takes the initiative of funding deep bore wells and ensures accessibility to drinking water facilities to the disadvantaged communities. So far 642 borewells have been installed successfully since 2008. About 13,000 families and 58,000 people have been ensured with water for drinking and household consumption. It has brought a major relief to the affected families, especially women and children, are very happy to have one of the basic civic amenities.

Geographically, India is known to have a diversified land distribution. In the coastal areas, the land is covered with sandy soil and there exist no possibilities for supporting water storage structures. Usually, the canals & rivers is a major source of water for people living in around the area. Unfortunately, this water comes with polluted drainage water which makes it unfit for drinking purpose. In these regions where drinking water is a major problem for people, it almost becomes impossible for them to lead a settled life.

Chaitanya Educational and Rural Development Society (CERDS) helps out by tapping useful resources for constructing deep borewells in the villages. They install bore wells at low cost in the coastal villages by using simple technology and locally available material. Each bore well gets installed in an accessible place to cater the needs of a minimum of 10 families. CERDS is making every possible effort to make water available in these villages.

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