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Sponsoring education for a poor girl child in Andhra Pradesh.

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Kidpower identifies poor girls who are dropping out of school because of their weak financial situation. It provides scholarships to deserving girls who can do exceptionally well in studies. In order to minimise the dropout rate, Kidpower conducts regular school visits to motivate girls to study well. They believe individual-centric education and it is made sure that every girl is helped. Kidpower has supported 200 girls from more than 15 schools and has granted them scholarships to do good in studies. They have really empowered girls through this initiative and they are bringing a state of equality in our society.

Poverty is a serious issue which blocks many opportunities in leading a stable life. Many parents living in slums send their children to low-cost private schools with a belief that education will help their children have a better future. However, in some cases, the family is unable to pay the fee because of low-income or undesired circumstances like unemployment, poor health conditions of other family members etc. As a result, children have to drop out of schools because the family is unable to afford their education expenses. Usually, if the family has more children, it is the girl child who has to drop out of school immediately.

Kidpower actively supports a poor girl child's education through a network of schools catering slum children in Visakhapatnam. It pays for their education fee and also provides them with school uniforms, books and study material etc. Kidpower's staff meets them regularly to ensure that children do not drop out of school and are motivated to do well in their studies. James Tootely in his book, "The Beautiful Tree‟ prescribes a similar approach to educate poor children and calls it "targeted vouchers for the poorest".

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