Educate a Child to Build a Better Future


Provide quality education & nutritional food to a child in the outskirts of Delhi.

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This project provides free of cost, after-school academic support to the primary level children. Also, supplementary education is imparted in various subjects namely English, Hindi and Mathematics. In addition to academic support, children are provided with mid-day meal, stationery, school bags etc. Engagement in supplementary remedial education helps keep children in a healthy atmosphere away from the streets after school hours. Regular academic support is provided to these children during after-school hours. This helps them to do better in their studies and hence not dropout of schools which assures a bright future for them.

While reaching out to masses, Aarohan found a large number of children in their locality belong to a poor socio-economic background. Most of them come from families that are either below poverty line or the family income per month is less than the minimum wage prescribed by the government of India. Their parents find it terribly hard to fulfill the basic household needs due to uncertainity of employment. They live in poor and unhygienic conditions where sanitation is a big comprise. They are totally ignorant about the importance of health, education and sanitation. Due to all these undesired conditions, children suffer the most which eventually hinders their overall growth.

Imparting education to children is the best solution to address the issues of protection, well-being and development. Aarohan believes that education is the non-negotiable right of every child. In fact, education is the only ladder for growth and prosperity of humans. The goal of this project is to provide these children holistic development through education and nutritional support.

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