Eradicate the Disease & Stigma of LEPROSY

The Leprosy Mission Trust

Reconstructive surgeries for leprosy patients for restoring social inclusion and dignity.

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Deformed hand & feet restrict its functioning almost completely and impacts the person for life. A reconstructive surgery comes as a great boon to correct the visible deformities and aim to restore the functioning of the organs. It essentially provides hope to live & be socially accepted.

In early stages of leprosy, it appears to be a simple harmless patch that is often neglected. By the time people reach out for help it’s often too late to cure permanent deformities that set in due to nerve damage. Deformities appear as a clawed hand, drop foot, lagophthalmos, and skin nodules, thus leaving a person disfigured. The most common among these deformities is clawed hands. It is caused when the bacteria affects the ulnar radial & median nerves of the hand. Nerves once damaged cannot be repaired. The affected limbs become numb and muscles in the area paralyse. From ancient times the disease was feared because of the disfigurement it caused and lack of understanding about how it was transmitted; it is widely believed to be inherited and was associated with ideas of "unclean blood". This stigma leads to social exclusion and discrimination, not only of the victims but also their family.

The project focuses on reducing stigma as well as restoring functionality of deformed limbs.
1. Counselling: The affected person will be prepared for the surgery. He/she is explained with the benefits and the after-effects of RCS surgery.
2. Pre–surgical care will be provided with light physiotherapy to tone up the paralysed muscles.
3. Reconstructive surgery by qualified surgeons.
4. Post Surgical care will help regain the functionality of the limbs.
5. Physiotherapy for the re-education of transferred tendons.
6. Practice self care- Regular massage & exercise of the muscle will help restore the functioning of organs.

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