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Action Aid

Creating community demand for quality education to transform the future of unprivileged children.

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The community development process begins with earning the trust of the community by promoting and advocating community development activities in the field of education, health, agriculture, livelihood etc. As a result of your support, the children and their communities will gain access to their rights to dignity, food, shelter, education and livelihood. This intervention does not stop with the child but also covers her/his parents. Action Aid consistently interacts with parents and councils them on the importance of education, adequate nutrition, child-rights, gender-equality, time management, health & hygiene amongst others. Action Aid also ensures that the child gets complete support and encouragement from parents. At the micro-level, they also help solve the forces that had initially kept children out of school.

Children from deprived communities are exposed to numerous forces that keep them out of school. We see children labouring in the unorganized sector from farms and road side dhabas to harsh-conditioned workshops, factories and households. 56% of girls in India are either not in school or will drop out before the age of 14 owing to several socio-cultural-economic reasons.

Sponsoring a child's education will not only ensure quality education and nutrition to the child but will also address the issues that keep them out of school. The goal is to focus on holistic development of a child, to make them self-sufficient in future.

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