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Immediate help for people devastated by floods in Bihar, West Bengal, Odisha, North-East, Rajasthan & Gujarat

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A total of 58 districts across the north-east region have been affected due to floods and landslides. Assam is the worst hit as 23 of its districts have been badly affected. While over 400 villages in 8 districts of Gujarat are badly affected, 7130 villages in 4 districts in Rajasthan and several districts in Odisha and West Bengal are also reeling under severe flooding. In order to help the flood victims, Action Aid took the responsibility of providing immediate relief. Action Aid's immediate relief measure provides the following:
1) Food & Shelter Kit
2) Safe drinking water
3) Medicines
4) Health and Hygiene Kit
5) Veterinary aid
6) Saplings for farmers In addition to immediate relief

They also undertake the long-term measures:
1) Livelihood and skill-based training to ensure sustained relief and rehabilitation.
2) Building leadership capacity of community women on disaster-preparedness and relief operation.
3) Livelihood and skill-based training to ensure sustained relief and rehabilitation.

Severe floods caused by torrential rains continue to wreak havoc across India. After causing massive devastation in the north-east region, widespread flooding in Gujarat and Rajasthan has thrown normal life out of gear. While more than 120 people have been reportedly killed, the swirling flood waters have paralysed infrastructure and caused heavy damage to tens of thousands of cotton farmers in Gujarat. More than a million people in several districts are affected across the state. In Rajasthan, thousands of people in over 7000 villages across 8 districts have been badly affected by the floods. In the northeastern region, the situation still remains grim. More than two million people have been displaced in the states of Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland and Manipur over the past three weeks. As on July 18, 2017, over 2,000 villages remained inundated while 1,46,000 hectare of crops have been destroyed which in turn has affected 5 lakh agrarian families in the state. Monsoon rains and floods have also inflicted extensive losses on pockets of the eastern states of Odisha, Bihar and West Bengal.

With support from volunteers and our allies, ActionAid India team has been fulfilling the immediate needs of communities in Assam. They keep a close eye to prevent the damage in other flood-hit states by reaching out to vulnerable & marginalised families who are at a greater risk and find it difficult to access relief. The immediate needs include decontaminating tablets, medicines, shelter kits, community kitchen and veterinary aid to the affected.

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