Advancing Women via Digital Literacy


Provide computer training to prepare economically-weaker women for an innovative tomorrow.

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To address the need of the hour, Aarohan came up with the initiative to provide basic digital training to women from marginalized groups. The project's main objective is to empower these women through skill development. Hands on training are provided to individuals covered under the programme. Aarohan runs one centre for skill development and 3 sessions are conducted every week. The project caters to about 50 participants in each batch during the 6 months training.

In the recent times, globalisation and digitalisation have together changed the scenario of the current work sector. This has increased the demand for individuals to be equipped with computer-related skills. Unfortunately, people from economically weaker background have become a major victim in this wave of technological advancement. For such people, basic education is a thing of luxury and digital literacy is again a far-fetched idea. The problem becomes more menacing for women already facing barriers due to lack of quality education and skills. They find it really hard to voice their desire of becoming self-reliant and employed in these sectors.

Digital literacy, which is otherwise not accessible to women from economically backward groups, will be provided through this program. The aim of the project is to make women well equipped with a skill that can provide better employment opportunities and help become self-reliant.

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