Empower Women Against the Odds


Help provide stitching & beautician course training to marginalised women in the capital city.

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The project will prepare women with sewing skills to economically contribute to their family income. It has been recognised that improvement in healthcare, nutrition and education can only be sustained with an increase in household income and greater control by women over financial resources. The project intends to give skill training in Sewing & Tailoring for sustainable livelihoods to women so they can lead a life of dignity that will directly impact their economic independence and enhance their living. This project is catering to about 50 participants in each batch during the 6 months programme.

Women, usually lag behind men in terms of access to education, healthcare, and employment. As per the latest statistics:
1. The rural female literacy rate is only 58% while that of a rural male is 78%.
2. Women employment in urban areas is only 13.9% while in rural areas is 29.9%. With the rise in poverty, many women are forced to work in very low-end jobs.
3. Employment of women in organized sector is less than 8%. Unless relevant measures are taken to improve literacy, skill development and capacity building among women to enable them to become self-sufficient, it will be difficult to bring about the desired change.

In order to uplift the economic condition of women belonging to the lower class of urban households, it is important to provide them with skills that can help them with sustainable employment opportunity. Vocational training is the best solution to pave the way for the economic independence of these women. Aarohan has taken the initiative to provide sewing and stitching training to underprivileged women for a better future.

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