Clean Energy to Brighten Lives

Balajee Sewa Sansthan

Provide solar lamps to poverty-stricken families with no access to electricity.

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This programme focuses on Solar Power, which can supply electricity in remote areas, thus reducing dependency on kerosene or oil. The Project covers the following aspects:
1. Balajee identifies the poorest people from a village and supply them with solar lanterns.
2.The lanterns are purchased in bulk from a reputed company i-solarite, which is a UK based company. This brand manufactures the lanterns in India.
3.The people will be given a product demonstration and taught how to maintain them.
4. Efforts shall be made to avail a subsidy for the solar lantern if applicable. The lantern has 3 years of battery life with a 3 -year guarantee from the manufacturer.

Even today, rural electrification is a big national challenge that needs to be addressed. Electricity being one of the basic amenities is not only used for lighting and household purposes but also for mechanical activities related to farming. In India, there are many villages which are struggling to get access to electricity in their homes. Unfortunately, people have to rely on other sources to deal with the darkness in case of electricity issues. Mostly, people use kerosene lamps which add more expenses to the household expenditures. For the poor people, it is again a burdensome task to buy kerosene oil as a staple.

Balajee Sewa Sansthan is distributing solar lamps among the poor families/ widow women/ poor school going students free of cost. People have to charge these lamps in sunlight and they can use this throughout the year. The lamp can not only light their homes but it can also charge mobiles and other electronic devices. Balajee identifies the neediest families from a village and supplies these solar lanterns to brighten up their lives.

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