Keep them Smiling: Treat Cleft

Mission Smile

Now transform cleft-lips into a smile by sponsoring cleft correction surgery.

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Through this programme, Mission Smile aims to improve the quality of life of people born with facial deformities. The organisation has been able to transform the lives of over 33,000 beneficiaries till date by providing them with the much-needed surgery to get back their self-esteem. Now they can look at a mirror and smile confidently. Therefore the long- term impact is to create an inclusive society through the Mission Smile way of life.

A child born with cleft misses out on more than a brilliant smile. Cleft afflicted kids suffer from difficulty in eating, malformed teeth, ear infections, hearing loss, and speech impediments. They also endure rejection and discrimination throughout their lives which lead to low self-esteem. With already 50,000 cleft lips cases in West Bengal and Assam, it has been rising constantly with more than 5,000 new cases every year. This deformity is a serious cause of concern which needs great attention.

To give free complete Comprehensive Cleft Care and surgeries to children and adults from West Bengal, Assam and in North East. It also includes nutrition care, speech therapy & dental care.

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